Our Service


One of our highly experienced templaters will visit your home once your Kitchen base units are fixed in their final position. The units should be level to within 3mm. Any end panels must be on. All appliances sinks and taps must be on site. Any plastering must be complete. Any temporary worktops (if installed) removed. A detailed template will be made to represent exactly how your final worktop will be.

N.B. Change of Style Jersey does not undertake any electrics, plumbing or gas installation so you will need to make arrangements with the relevant trade for the disconnection and reconnection of services.


The templates for your worktop will be returned to our factory where your choice of material will be manufactured to the exact template specifications.

Using a combination of the CNC machinery and traditional craftsmanship your work surfaces will be cut, shaped and polished.

Finally, after you finished worktops have been checked for accuracy as well as quality and against the templates, they are sealed.


We offer a 10 day turnaround from templating to fitting. We will require a few hours on site and a day should be put aside for us to be able to fit your worktops.

Granite and Quartz worktops are extremely heavy and so dense that handling is a challenge. They have a low ability to tolerate stress and cannot be laid flat until they are properly supported on your base units. It is therefore important that we can get our vehicle as close as possible to your property for unloading and during installation we may need to work from the back of our vehicle. Please let us know if there are any special requirements for gaining access, for example let us know if the outside area is easily passable and the ground is level. Sometimes it is best to wait until a driveway  has been made or there is a hardstanding outside the property. We can not negotiate scaffolding whilst carrying granite. Flights of stairs can be a problem as the weight transfers to the person carrying the bottom of the slab. Lifts can also be a problem as they are often restricted on space and height and manoeuvring a slab into a vertical position is hazardous. Slabs with cut outs in can be significantly weaker, which makes handling difficult.

We will on templating evaluate stairs and walkways and sometimes we will need to reduce the length of the worktop to be able to get the worktop into the property. In difficult cases we will communicate with the customer to advise the best solution. In some cases we may need to hire in additional manpower or mechanical lifting equipment, which will involve extra costs.

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